SPSP conference

Abbey Riemer, Amanda Dale, Andreas Miles-Novelo, Tran Le, and Emmilie Baker presented at the annual Society of Personality and Social Psychology conference in San Diego, CA. Congrats to all of the presenters!!


Dr. Gervais starts new Associate Editor position

Dr. Gervais started a 3-year position as Associate Editor at Journal of Experimental Social Psychology.

Dr. Gervais presents research on the real dangers of beer goggles

Dr. Gervais presented the latest research on how alcohol intoxication causes sexual aggression by causing men to sexually objectify women at the annual meeting of the Society of Experimental Social Psychology in Denver, CO.

Amanda Dale and Andreas Miles-Novelo present at McNair conference in Berkeley

Amanda described her research on affirmative consent, Title IX, and sexual assault perceptions and Andreas presented his research on sexual harassment, objectification, and affective forecasting!

Dr. Gervais and Abbey Riemer attend the EASP Small Groups meeting on Objectification

The meeting took place in Rovereto, Italy from June 11-13.

Abigail Riemer receives an NSF Graduate Fellowship Award

Her research will examine the impact of sexual objectification on girls’ and women’s STEM motivation and agency.

Ellen Dudley receives the Jensen Award

Ellen Dudley who completed her honor’s thesis in the Subtle Prejudice Lab received the Jensen Award for outstanding research from the Psychology Department!